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Scala Africa - Workshop with John de Goes and Jon Pretty
Free workshop - Scala Africa (in collab with Scala Lagos and Nairobi) with John de Goes and Jon Pretty.

30th of August (Sunday) - all-day, starts 10 am UK/Lagos time.

Jon Pretty:

Scala can work on a variety of different platforms, from cloud-based server deployments to Scala.JS in web browsers. We will build a small command-line application in Scala, and use it to explore Scala’s advanced pattern-matching capabilities.

Starting from a basic “Hello World” application, we will first introduce simple arguments to allow us to add records to a simple file-based database (stored as a CSV file). Then we will expand on that to support more advanced, optional parameters, and support further database actions.

Finally, we will use Graal to make our application fast.

Every step of the way, we will take advantage of pattern matching to write clear, concise and readable code, and you will have the chance to expand the functionality of your application in different directions.

John de Goes - 2 pm UK/ Lagos time.

Introduction to Data Modeling in Scala 3

Developers use data modeling to create data that model entities within a given domain. For example, in an online shopping application, we might create data models for shopping carts, users, and orders.

Some languages, such as Java, have almost no features specifically for data modeling. In contrast, Scala 3, has incredibly rich support for data modeling, making it easy to create excellent models with a minimum amount of work. In Scala 3, data models are type-safe, which reduces runtime bugs, and they have powerful features built into them that simplify application development.

In this 4 hour workshop taught by John A. De Goes, you will get a chance to explore data modeling in Scala 3 by working through a series of exercises. Even if you’ve never used Scala before, you will learn enough Scala 3 to get a feel for how it can improve the way you build software!

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Aug 30, 2020 10:00 AM in Lisbon

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